Friday, 9 December 2011

I have also thought about styling for the catwalk and i looked through magazines and saw this and liked the idea of it. I have looked for different lace to put over the models eyes to walk down the catwalk and I like the modal in the last picture holding the rose so i will consider have them holding a rose when they walk down the catwalk.
                                                      This is black netting.

                                                     This is a black spider web net fabric.

                                                     This is a purple spider web net fabric.

I am going to choose one of these fabrics for the train on one of my dresses and i am most likely going to use the purple spider net as i am using purple velvet and it will tie my collection together.
This is black satin and i will use this for 2 of my dresses.
This is the black velvet I will use for one of my dresses.
This is the purple velvet I am going to use on 2 of my dresses.
This is one of my final fabrics and I will use this to make and dress and then a bow for another dress.

This is my final collection.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

I have done more research into the goth culture and also some research into corsetry as i would like to create some corset style dresses. I have done 60 gothic designs with help from my research and have picked my final 6 for my collection. I have also picked my fabrics, i will use black and purple velvet, black satin, some black skull printed cotton and some netting. I will also use some velvet ribbon to fasten some of my dresses and they are also a design feature. I have also thought about styling the models for the fashion show and i am going to make some velvet ribbon chokers with a gothic charm attached and also have black lace over the models eyes. I presented all this at college.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Over the summer break i looked at gothic culture and bridal wear so for my capsule collection i am going to create a elegant gothic collection.